Global Responsibility
Leprino Nutrition Global Responsibility

We are committed to becoming Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Neutral by 2050.

Our plan to achieve GHG neutrality by 2050 is outlined in our Climate Action Commitment, including short and longer-term goals to reduce our impact on the environment, which we strive for every day not only for the health of the globe, but to help our customers meet their environmental goals as well

Global Responsibility Five Key Focus Areas

Product responsibility

Product Responsibility

For us, product responsibility means delivering the highest levels of quality, food safety, and nutritional excellence through investments in our state-of-the-art genomics lab, rigorous Preventing Problems Before They Happen initiative, and more, thus ensuring we provide the best products in the industry

Supply Chain responsibility

Supply Chain Responsibility

W commit to responsibly enforcing the most stringent supplier standards with a concern for animal welfare, sustainability, and supporting diversity throughout every step of the supply chain. 

Our responsibility to our People

Our People

We are fully committed to our people from nurturing female leadership and diversity to promoting personal growth, safety, and mental and physical health, we seek to foster an energized, empowered, and engaged workforce. 

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to the responsible use of resources and focus on compliance, conservation, and continual improvement through significant investments in new technologies that allow us to operate more sustainably.  

Responsibility to our communities

Our Communities

A huge part of our culture is about making a positive difference and building strong relationships with the people and organizations in our communities through volunteerism, giving, industry education, and more.